Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Approach to Lighting and a Little Bragging

On Friday, April 21, three chapters of Delta Sigma Phi met at the M Grand Hotel for their fraternity formal. The room was modest in size as was their number (about 120). They paid a little extra for a well-conceived light show and this simple combination of effects was provided:

4 Chauvet Color Splash Jr. LED Par Cans to provide a wash of color on the dance floor
2 Martin Mania DC1s to wash the side walls (changing colors and moving textures)
2 Martin SCX 500s set to "plug and play" hanging from the same tree as the LEDs to provide a an "endless," unpredictable variety of gobos and colors on top of the DC1-created effect and throughout the rest of the room.

Simple, small, BUT effective, as revealed in this little letter:

Dear Mr. Green:

Thank you so much for helping us plan our Formal. I appreciate your hard work that made our party such a success. Everyone had the most wonderful time. They thought the music was very up-to-date and made getting on the dance floor effortless. THEY WERE VERY IMPRESSED BY THE LIGHT SHOWS. THIS WAS A NEW FEATURE THAT EVERYONE LOVED AND HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE. We have never had a DJ that was so professional and had such sophisticated equipment. Again, thank you for helping me to have the best Formal that our Fraternity has seen in years.


Sydney Hester
Delta Sigma Pi Social Chair


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